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who are we?

We are a Vancouver-based social enterprise!

Empty Nests was born out of a think tank of 30 young urban influencers under 30, the 30Network. Under the support of City Hive and Youthful Cities, these innovators co-created meaningful projects that addressed the housing and affordability challenges affecting young people in Vancouver. Empty Nests was one among several projects to receive seed funding and are currently in the process of making it a reality. 



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Where is the need?

Vancouver housing is unaffordable and the housing crisis is urgent

For youth, renting in Vancouver is the predominant option and the rental market is a scary place.

  • The average one bedroom in 2017 was $1900 and two bedroom at $3130 [i]
  • The rental vacancy rate in Vancouver is 0.8% [ii]

Homeowners and aging populations are facing challenges securing their housing, which make downsizing, aging in place and preserving community increasingly unachievable.

  • 70% of people over 65 in Vancouver are over-housed, but have few other affordable housing options.
  • An estimated 800,000 spare bedrooms exist in Metro Vancouver [iii]

The rising cost of housing is demanding more of people’s incomes.

  • In Metro Vancouver, 44% of renter households and 25% of owner households are spending 30% or more of their income on shelter [iv]

What can we do with

800,000 spare bedrooms?


Our vision

Empty Nests seeks to offer a solution by bringing together different generations for cohabitation. We are designing a secure and trustworthy community program so homeowners open up spare bedrooms and youth can access a place to live at an affordable price. The end goal is that everyone feels more housing-secure and less socially isolated.

The housing realities for Vancouverites of all ages are interdependent and we strive to be a solution for both. More importantly, we want to develop community connections across age and encourage a sharing of knowledge.

Multigenerational living works! We have been inspired by examples of multigenerational housing projects from around the world, including the Netherlands, Germany France, UK and USA and are working hard to bring it to Vancouver.